Chemical Weapons Disposal Project Status

As a result of the work of the Chemical Weapons Working Groups and other organizations, the government and military have agreed to research and implement alternative destruction methods for disposing of chemical weapons housed in the Blue Grass Army Depot and elsewhere. In Kentucky, this process has taken shape as the Blue Grass Chemical Agent-Disposal Pilot Plant, which will implement neutralization and supercritical water oxidization techniques to render the lethal gases stored in munitions inert and harmless. This project has been under way since 2003.


Destruction operations began on 19 June 2019. As of September 2019 approximately 6.7 tons of chemical agent has been destroyed of the 523 original tons. Completion of operations is scheduled for late 2023.

View more information at: https://www.peoacwa.army.mil/2019/09/30/bgcapp-monthly-recap-september-2019/


The KEF and CWWG have worked tirelessly to ensure legislation requires the safest and ecologically protective methods of disposal of these dangerous chemical weapons is deployed. We have helped drive laws that require local community involvement in decision-making and maintain regular reporting to Congress on progress being made on the project. Additionally, we have played an important role in ensuring annual funding meets the needs of the program to continue moving forward uninterrupted.

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