According to TVA’s 2014 draft Integrated Resource Plan, the Shawnee Fossil Plant is listed within the group of power generators that is under evaluation for plant retirement.[i] Closure of the plant could impact social determinants of health including those associated with unemployment. For example, research has observed connections between the cumulative effects of unemployment and risk for heart attack, [ii] reduced physical activity,[iii] poor mental health,[iv] and alcoholism.[v]

The Shawnee Fossil Plant currently employs approximately 300 individuals. An assessment by Synapse Economics estimated that additional retrofits required for the plant might build in as many as 350 additional jobs.  The maximum potential job loss from retiring the plant would therefore be approximately 750 jobs (a figure that includes both actual and potential jobs) in 2018 and 2019 ($37.5 million in income) with a minimum job loss of 440 jobs in 2017 ($24.1 million in income).  

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