State Level

National Level

For the latest information regarding Kentucky state energy policies, please visit the Kentucky State Energy Alliance (KySEA). The Kentucky Environmental Foundation is one of the founding members of this organization, which has as its goal to promote clean, sustainable and affordable energy solutions for Kentucky. This broad based coalition has come together to develop the ideas, resources, public understanding and political support necessary to advance solutions that can help all Kentuckians save money and energy, especially those who are most vulnerable to rising costs and rapidly changing energy conditions.

If you would like to compare Kentucky state policies regarding renewable energies to those in place in other states, click here. Also, the U.S. Energy Information Administration publishes information regarding each state’s electricity consumption and price and this data can be accessed here.

On the federal level there is little official policy regarding energy, but there are administrative discussions happening. One of the most current topics of debate is President Obama’s Climate Action Plan, which garnered much attention when he unveiled it at Georgetown University on June 25th. Though this does not constitute any official governmental policy, this represents the the current state of discussion on the topic at a federal level. The plan’s main goal is reducing carbon emissions by developing more natural gas and renewable energy solutions. The full speech given by President Obama regarding his plan to combat climate change can be found here.