We here at the Kentucky Environmental Foundation are committed to advocating healthy lifestyles, and much of this requires being knowledgeable about everything from what toxic chemicals are used in the food we eat to the effects unsustainable energy production has on our bodies. Knowing what can hurt us is the first step to healthier life.

Toxic chemicalsThere are tons of toxic, harmful chemicals used in many items we use or consume every day. Some you may know about, but many you will certainly not.

Bisphenol-A (BPA)BPA  is an additive used in plastics and even in canned food, and it enters our bodies via the contents of such containers. It is known to cause disrupt normal, healthy hormone production and can even cause puberty to start early.

Flame RetardantsMany items labelled with the title “flame retardant” are actually quite ineffective, but they are linked to many diseases and disorders, including cancer, reduced fertility, and lower IQ.

Chemical Reform PoliciesWe here at the Kentucky Environmental Foundation are involved in fighting the use of dangerous chemicals such as those listed above, at the personal and governmental levels.

Coal-based energy productionEvery step of the process used to create electricity from burning coal is linked to a variety of health problems, from the transportation of the coal to the pollution caused by the ash-byproduct.

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