The Eastern Kentucky Power Cooperative Collaborative is a group devoted to evaluating and recommending renewable and demand side management (DSM) energy options. The Demand Side Management and Renewable Energy Collaborative was formed in March 2011 as part of a settlement between the East Kentucky Power Cooperative (EKPC) and three non-profit groups: the Kentucky Environmental Foundation, the Sierra Club and Kentuckians For The Commonwealth. The purpose of the Collaborative is to investigate and recommend renewable energies and energy efficiency options to EKPC.  

The Collaborative is composed of EKPC staff, staff from each of the distribution co-op utilities that comprise EKPC, the three non-profit groups above, the Kentucky Office of the Attorney General’s office, and representatives of other organizations in Kentucky that have expertise in energy efficiency and renewable energy (such as the Mountain Association for Community Economic Development – MACED, and the Federation of Appalachian Housing Enterprises).   Collaborative members conduct their work by consensus dialogue and decision making in separate workgroups — each chaired by one co-op representative, and one community/advocacy group rep — and together as one large group. 

The Kentucky Sustainable Energy Alliance (KySEA) works to promote clean, sustainable and affordable energy solutions for Kentucky. Our broad based coalition has come together to develop the ideas, resources, public understanding and political support necessary to advance solutions that can help all Kentuckians save money and energy, especially those who are most vulnerable to rising costs and rapidly changing energy conditions.

Collaboration to End Fracking in Kentucky. Recently, KEF has joined forces with Frack Free FoothillsKentucky Heartwood and the Kentucky Conservation Committee and others to discourage hydraulic fracturing in the Rogersville Shale located in Central and Eastern Kentucky. Stay updated about KEF’s fracking initiatives through our News Archive