Clean Energy Initiatives

Protecting Kentucky Families

Pollution from fossil fuels has a direct impact on our air, water, and health. Kentucky’s over-reliance on these energy sources threatens our environment, well-being and economy. 

Clean energy solutions will help protect Kentucky’s families, preserve its environment for future generations, and strengthen and diversify local economies.  

Active Projects

Health Education and Policy

We here at the Kentucky Environmental Foundation have an ongoing commitment to educating others about health concerns related to energy production, pollution, and the use of unsafe chemicals in household products.  We advocate for policies that  ensure health equity throughout the Commonwealth.

Shawnee Health Impact Assessment

The Shawnee Health Impact Assessment is an ongoing project dealing with the environmental impact of the Shawnee Fossil Plant, a part of TVA’s fleet. This older facility must be updated in order to meet new air quality standards, otherwise it must face retirement. This project measures the consequences of such a plant and contains other research regarding the impacts associated with the production of coal-energy in general.

Energy Policy

The Kentucky Environmental Foundation advocates for policy on state and federal levels that will result in cleaner air, water, and healthier communities.

Resources and Data

Energy Impacts

Clean Energy Solutions